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Spirit of Jefferson
Charles Town, West Virginia
June 3, 1948     Spirit of Jefferson
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June 3, 1948

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bP|R|;i~ OF JI~I~'}ERSON i:ARMr:kS ADVOt.'AT}J, ItARLE~ 4 SPIRIT ESTABLISHED 1844 -- ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1085 COMBINED MARCH 1. 1948 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY IN CHARLEB TOWN, W. VA., BY JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER AT THE POSTOFFIC( IN CHARLES TOt~'N, 0V. VA,. UNDER THE ACT OF MARCH 3. 1879. MORTON C. MUMMA. MANAGING EDfTOR. MAX BROWN. EDITOR MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE, AMERICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION NEW YORK - CHICAGO - DETROIT - ATLANTA - PHILADELPHIA SUBSCRIPTION $2.50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE Thursday, ,June 3, 1948 IAVE AS BRAVELY AS THEY DIE" General Omar Bradley, Chief of Stair, l~. S. Army, spoke words on Memorial Day that are a great lesson for Americans individually and collectively. "Secure in distant and peaceful towns like these, clinging to comforts, refusing risks, .seeking safety and refuge in words, we recanted power and conscience to side with those who sought peace at any price. Too late we discovered the price was too high; and to keep our freedom we paid in the bodies of our young sons. If the United States ever again stoops to expedients to avoid the difficult decisions that come with leadership, the heavy burdens that come with defense, we shall once more run the dangers of all half-way measures and waste curl strength and conscience as a weathervane rather than a force. If we cringe from the necessity of meeting issues boldly with principle, resolution and strength, then we shall simply hurdle along" from crisis to crisis, improvising with expw dients, seeking inoffensive solutions, drugging the Nation with an illusion of security which under those conditions can- not exist. If we are to scamper from crisis to crisis, fixing" principles and policies to the change of each day, we shah place ourselves supinely and helplessly at the mercy of any aggressor who might play on our public opinion and deci- mate our forces at will. To live bravely by convictions from which the fl'ee peoples of this world can take' heart, the American people must put their faith in stable, long-range policies political, economic and mihtary~programs that will not be heated and cooled with the brightening and waning of tension. The United States has matured to world leadership; it i:~ time we steered by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship." There is nothing we can add to his great oration. We express the hope that every reader will be as deeply touched by its truth as we have been. And the General asked, "we have come to ask why it is that our young men must spend their bodies against the Siegfried, Line why it is men cannot live as bravely as they die. ' We pray God grant that Americans are capable of an- swering that question. ~::= CHAMPIONS THOUGH DEFEATED To us, it was not really important that the Purple Panthers were beaten in the finals for the state' baseball champion- ship last Monday. Had they won, additional lustre would have been added to their crown, it is true. But, it is important that a band of inexperienced youno'- stets under the wise and able leadership of "Zip" Lorenz could, in the short period of a month, progress from a bunch of "sand-lotters" to a seasoned team which played for the state championship. This feat was not accomplish- ed by any one individual; not even the coach, It was the result of a cooperative spMt working toward a common goal which is so essential to accomplishment. It indicates a" selflessness and lack of selfishness which placed the school and the team above the plaudits of the individual. Clean and hard play was al/vays apparent in their games. A high standard of physical and mental coordination pro- duced satisfying results which pleased not only the players but also the th~odsands of team supporters. We are all proud of every one of you. Your accomplish- ments reflec~ great credit not only on. yourselves but on your families, your school, and your community. We con- gratulate you on a job well done and congratulate ourselves on the good f6rtune of having "~ip's" al)le leadership for our youth who are being molded into our citizens of to- morrow. . NOW IS THE TIME FOR CONKEYS Turkey Starter Mash Get Your Flock off To A Good Start with the Feed that's RIGHT. , "~ ! ON T FORGET THAT ORDER FOR ) Call I hones 73 or 223 TOWN GRAIN AND FEED QUALITY SERVICE PRICE Proxy Parents BuryMarine Sergeant ~e body of Marine Sgt. Richard E. Vervalin was returned to his home town, Houston, Tex., for :.burial. But in the year that passed since his return was requested, both of his parents died. At the funeral above two total strangers, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Mahon, act as proxy parents for the dead soldier and receive the flag from an officiating Marine. ...Readers' Forum... WE ARE GLAD TO PUBLISH LETTERS WHEN SPACE Ifi; AVAILABLE, PLEASE MAKE THEM BRIEF AND CONSTRUCTIVE, WRITER'S NAMES AND ADDRESSES MUST ACCOMPANY COMMUNICATIONS FOR IDEN- TIFICATION BUT WILL BE WITHHELD IF DESIRED. Charleston, W. Va., May 31, 1948. Max, Sorry the boys lost today. I call- ed twice at the hotel and took some for a drive. Geo. D. Moore. Lochraven Farnl, Waynesboro, Va.. May 31, 1948. Dear Editor, Would you please publish this letter in your paper. I wish to ac- knowledge with thanks the integ- rity of Mr. John Ziegler, an em- ployee of the Sincl'air Station. Recently, while traveling from our home ~o Baltimore, we stopped as we usually do at Vhe Sinclair Station for gas and oil. My pocket- book dropped from the car to the ground, and it was no~ until I reached H,arper's Ferry that ] dis- co~ered my loss. Upon calling the Sinclair Sta- tion. I was told that ~Mr. John Zieg- ler had found my purse and was holding it tinti] l called (for it). The citzens of Charles Town can be justly proud of their attractive city and of the people who serve file public. Thanking you for this favor, I am Cordially yours, Bernice Roe Reynolds. Weston. W. Va.. May 27, 1948. Dear Max, Please change my mailing ad- dress on the paper to Weston, W. Va. Congratulations to "Zip" and the team. JACK M. SI'INKS. May 28, 1948. Dear Mr. Brown, May I make a correction (tenta- tive) to a statement in your issue of May 27, in regard ~ the first observance of Memorial Day ? If l were at home and could con.sult my ,Confederate ~rap- book, I .think I could find the article which states that the first obser- vance was in the South,-- names and dates are given. I have in my possession a letter from a relative ~n Missouri in which the speaks of joining others in going ~o the cem- etery to .strew flowers on the graves of the Confederate sold%rs. This was, ] think, in 1867 or early in eighteen sixty-eight. A n d, speaking of "strewing" the flaw- ers,--when I was a little girl, we ~.ometimes spoke of the day "flow- er-strewing day". It was really a day of remembrance. The banks and stores were olosed from 2 until 4 o'clock, there was a parade with many ,Confederate veterans in line. --and people from all over the county came. bringing flowers. A speaker's stand WadS erected in the cemetery, near the Monument, which was draped in "red. white and red". with flowers at the base. We held this service on the last Saturday in May. May I, at some future time. send y.ou the authentic data in regard to Memorial Day? Sincerely, Knighiley Timberlake Wilson. Washington, D. C. Ed. Note: We will be pleased to have additional information re- garding the origin of Memorial Day observance. ) SI EECH ON COMMUNISM TO BE GI~ EN AT S. ('. Mrs. E. Wyatt l)ayne of ttunt- ington, W. Va., will be the princi- pal speaker at an Open Forum Meeting to be held at Shepherd College Auditorium on Monday evemng, June 7th, 1948. at 8 p. m., D.S.T. Mrs. Payne will speak on "Communism, Where and How It Functions in America", Dr.,iW. tt. S. White, former President::of,SheF herd College, will introduce MrS. Payne. Mrs. Payne is a teacher and nm- sician by profession. She is a grad- uate of the Cincinnati Conserva- tory, Cotumhia and the University of California. She now has a pri~- rate kindergarten in Huntivgton. Mrs. Payne is well known as a speaker ad hmu delivered addresses on the radio, various forums, at civic grouns and conventions on different subjects especially child physchology and Comnmnism. She has also achieved distinction as a writer on these same subjects and is a composer of ch~qdren's plays and musm. One play. "Junior World Peace Conference" was translated and given in thirteen toll'S anniversary song. Mrs. Payne is a well known civi worker. -rod takes an active part in the work of the church and that of welfare organizations. She is chair- m.m of "Care" and President of the Women's F0~'um and was the city and county organizer of USO. She is past president of the Wom- en's Symphony Committee and manager of the Huntington Sym- phony. She has received two awards from America's 'Town Meeting" program and her letter on "How to Strengthen the Amer- ican Family" was one of 62 win- hers out of 6275 on this program. She has had two addresses print- ed in the Congressio, nal Record this year and has personally investiga- ted the intdoctrination of our youth on campuses m forty-six states. She has done special research on foreign countries. She also wrote Communisn~ and Socialism in the the words and music for Hunting- homes, sehols and churches. ,Wilh elmina"'t %b'd Because of "utter tiredness" and "advancing years," Queen WilZ helmina, right, who has ruled the Netherlands for 50 years, will abdicate in September in favor of her daughter," Princess Juliana, left. The queen will be feted with a golden jubilee in August, when she wilI be 68. Princess Juliana is now regent of the country,: [--WEEKLY C RS$SWORO PUZZLE ]' |4Horse's pace 15 Mental image ] 6 Measure 17 Lubricate .19 East (~'r.) 20 Uncooked ~lBabylonian deity :22At sea ~4 Impetuous 26 Weight allowance 27 Turn aside 29 Legal point 30 Snares 31 She enactS the role of a tease HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle 11 Crawls l Pictured IHIAIUIF~I I IC[KICIOISiTi'EtLILIO~ 12 Scottish actress, ~ I~IRINIE[~EII~OIDIK ~NtEIAI~I ~arments ~ 151C ~DIEINIS~O]AIR]$1~C [AI 18LatvtaNative 'of i3 Railroad ISIHIY,_t~._~ITIE~RIHIStNPIEtNI 21 British god ol (abbr.) ~_JEID~,~ ~HEL "the umler- 23 Antennae ~C05T[LL0~]~!~ITISl :~s Symho.t ~or -"-IL I O[,~:~J I~:.~: .~_TI~.I ~, . germanium ~?-~!~}R~]R IFtDI~LNRIAIP! 26 Tread dow= ]~]E. ~#~]F I~ IEtE ~:t E IAI~INI~VIAI 28 Circles |E{M I R~NIEIVtEtR~]OIHt~I 30 Aft,moon !L~-I'[It,.IEtNITiI: t t It. IMI,S rrlAll~t.~! parties - 32.Pints (abbr.) .36 Knots ~ 55 Redactors $3 Feathered ~8 Tremulous 56 Perishes scarf 41 Fur-bearing "VERTICAL 36 Established animals 1 Wide 37 Back of the 43 Earthy matter 2 Gets up. neck 45 Short sleeps 3 Baronet 3g Ages 46 Written form (abbr:) 40 She is a ----- of Mister 4 Exist of Brooklyn. queen in one 47 Grafted (her.) 5Flower 41'Trap of her ~t8 Dined 6 Perfume 42 Blackbirds pictures 49 Dove's call "t Wearies 44 Allots 33 Green 50 Be seated 8 Hebrew 46 Native of vegetables 51 Of the thing month Morocco $4 To the inside 52 In a row 9 Novel -. 49 Blood money of t ~4 Votreemi- 10 Indo.Chinese 52 Near 35 Wander ~- hence (abbr.) language 53 Paid notice Arab Legion Leader Brig. John Bagot Glubb is the commander of Trans-Jordan's Arab Legion and is leading King Abdullah's troops against Pales- tine Jews. 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